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About us

Our team have made an unparalleled positive impact for front line operators. Our work is not based on studies with students in laboratories but on real operators working on the ground who deal with real suspects, conduct real interviews and who must make real decisions with real, high stake consequences.


We are the creators of the ORBIT interviewing model based on our database of over 2,000 hours of interviews with real high value targets - by far the largest of its kind in the world.

Our ORBIT training is currently delivered worldwide to a range of law enforcement, intelligence and security agencies as well as humanitarian and corporate organisations dealing with workplace investigations.

Our findings and subsequent training is based on this ground truth approach: real data, real interviews, real decisions, real risk. This is why the ORBIT team can confidently make the claim of making the most significant impact on improving communication, decision making, leadership and risk in extreme environments.

"They are quietly revolutionising the study and practice of interrogation... Their findings are changing the way law enforcement and security agencies approach the delicate and vital task of gathering human intelligence."

The Guardian

who we have worked with

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“It has given me a completely different and much better way of interviewing and the skills could also be used in numerous other areas.”


U.K. Police Officer 

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