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In this section we will regularly update content, highlighting learning from other areas and identifying key recommendations.

While professionals have to make difficult choices in their everyday practice, the current outbreak and these unprecedented times will increase the pressures to make tough decisions. Looking at other areas, where individuals operate in environments of high stakes and uncertainty, we hope to outline some key lessons that can be transferred to the current healthcare setting.


Downloadable overview summarising key work on decision making.


Decision Making 1 - Decision Inertia - "The realities of decision inertia and people's failure to act.”  (Laurence Alison) 

Decision Making 2 - How do experts avoid inertia? – “Experts' ability to avoid decision inertia and some of the tools they utilise.” (Laurence Alison) 

Decision Making 3 - Accelerating Expertise – “How to accelerate expertise and assist your decision-making processes.” (Laurence Alison) 

Decision Making 4 - Understand your Environment – “Factors in the environment you are operating in that will make it harder for you to make decisions.” (Neil Shortland)

Decision Making 5 - Making Tough Choices – “How people make difficult choices in extremely difficult situations.” (Neil Shortland)

Decision Making 6 - Living with your Decisions – “The psychological outcomes of the choices that you make and the importance of reflecting on them.” (Neil Shortland)

Listen to Professor Laurence Alison discuss how to overcome decision  inertia on a University of Liverpool podcast.


Downloadable overview to accompany the presentations.

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