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The Labours of Heracles

Project Heracles was Prof Alison’s creative project for the start of 2021. Working with legendary illustrator David Hitchcock, they produced ‘The Labours of Heracles: Lessons for Growth and Healing’ and ‘The Life and Death of Heracles: Lessons for Growth and Healing’ – a psychological workbook and novella, respectively. Though principally a passion project for Laurence, they soon found the depth and symbolism in the work lent itself to discussion and debate about important topics – loneliness, mental health, PTSD, leadership, endurance, friendship, and love. 

The Labours are now available as an audio-visual online experience at the link below. Containing all 12 Labours, read by Prof Alison, and beautifully illustrated by David Hitchcock, with music and audio-visual effects, the Labours are now an immersive experience. With supporting video materials and a Labours diary download, you can go on your own journey. Take the Labours alone and go on a voyage of self-discovery, or take them with a partner or work colleagues, and find out about each other. They will help you tap into and explore values, thoughts, and beliefs, and if you simply want to learn more about this much misunderstood legend, they are a fun way to learn about the legend of Heracles. This is no Disney or The Rock version – Alison and Hitchcock’s Heracles harks back to the earliest renderings of the 6th Century – with 3-headed giants, 9-headed Hydras and the 3-headed hound of Hades. Heracles – Madman? Murderer? Mortal? God? You decide!

Ground Truth have joined with Police Science Dr to deliver this learning experience to you. Police Science Dr makes learning and science accessible to law enforcement and related disciplines. Please follow the link to Experience Heracles online on the Police Science Dr Academy website.  For any technical or logistic enquiries, please contact Dr Susanne Knabe-Nicol directly on .

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